Those Are Some Tall Trees: Valle de Cocora


You can’t really visit Salento without trekking in Valle de Cocora. The Quindio wax palm is Colombia’s national tree. Many varieties of palm grow in Colombia, which I found pretty fascinating, because coming from Georgia I always assumed that a palm was just a palm, but in fact there are 2,600 different species. Anyway, the […]

Colombian Coffee, Part II


I have to talk about coffee again. I know. I’m sorry. I spent my last week in Colombia in Salento, a lovely small mountain town in the middle of Colombia’s coffee region. I hiked, did yoga, and drank what will probably stand as the best Americano I’ll ever experience. I also toured another coffee farm […]

Guatape: If Colombia Had Summer Camp


When I arrived in Medellin after a mercifully short flight from Santa Marta (that story later), I discovered pretty quickly that I wouldn’t last two weeks in the city as I originally planned. In fact, I think that the five or so days I spent there contributed significantly to my decision to come home. In […]

At Least I’m Not The Only One

I’m coming home next week. Surprised? Me too. I had this feeling for my entire three days in Cartagena* and couldn’t shake it in any of the places I visited after that. Then I started crying in a bike shop in Medellin and realized maybe it was time to start looking at flights back to the […]

I’ll Take It Tinto


Colombia is famous for a few things, and one of those things is coffee. I’ve been drinking coffee for less than a year, but I do know the difference between a good cup and a bad one. And if it’s a great cup, I’ll take it black. I have added milk to my coffee approximately […]

Hammocks, Mountains, Sunsets, Minca


One of my favorite things about South America thus far is the ubiquity of hammocks. Hammocks to sleep in, hammocks to lounge in, hammocks from which to watch sunrises and sunsets. I spent a lot of time with my butt in a hammock at Costeno, and the change of scenery to Minca was basically an […]

Off the Grid at Costeño Beach


As soon as I bought my ticket to Colombia, I was sure that I needed some time to chill at the beach. I figured that while everyone else was fighting brutal winters back home, I could work on my tan in the Caribbean sun. A large chunk of travelers who visit Colombia’s north coast find […]

Colorful Cartagena


To be honest, I feel like I didn’t do much in Cartagena other than walk around in circles. I could never quite get my bearings or decide about specific things I wanted to see, so instead I wandered with my camera and tried to absorb a little bit of what was happening around me. As […]

Taming the Mopeds in Cartagena


I may have mentioned before that my sister calls the ideas that race around her brain mopeds. I have a lot of thoughts, she says. Me too, girl. Me too.  I’m currently drinking my first cup of Colombian coffee here in Cartagena and taking a moment to breathe. To say I’m a bit overwhelmed and […]

Flying South for the Winter


Around this time last year, I maintained a relatively average existence. I had an apartment, a “normal” job, a book (wine?) club, a smattering of team affiliations, a routine. Then I gave it all up for the decidedly not average life of a nomad. It’s a weird life, a wild life, a life that still […]