On Driving Cross-Country — Three Times


At the beginning of the summer, I knew embarrassingly little about my own country. I’d traveled more in Europe and Asia than I had in the United States, and I’ll freely admit that most places between the East and West coasts made up one big blob in my mind. Then I had to drive across […]


I keep a collection of inspirational quotes for the moments when doubt or frustration creep in. This one landed in my work inbox this afternoon, and it’s the perfect sentiment with which to end the week. I hope you will have a wonderful [life], that you’ll dream dangerously and outrageously, that you’ll make something that […]

On (Not) Sitting Still


I’m feeling especially wanderlusty this week. Here are a few things that are fueling that fire. I think it’s time to get cracking on my next big adventure. Happy Thursday!

Discovering Moab & Arches National Park


Another fun perk of the summer: I made progress on several of my to-do list items! On one of my two cross-country drives so far (there’s a third coming in November), I was able to spend some time in Moab, Utah and hike in Arches National Park. Y’all, did you know how incredible our national […]

Summer Camp, SLC Style


I have a blog, apparently. I kinda lost some motivation (and time) to keep up with Here&Afar this summer. It is now in my job description to live out of a suitcase, and while it may not sound as exciting as three months of facing the unknown in Asia, I have had a lot of […]

Things That Make You Appreciate WMATA

I already wrote a fair amount about the planes, trains, and automobiles in Asia, but I feel as though I missed an opportunity to give you a sense of what it was really like to ride in rickety boats and dodge droves of motos on city streets. You probably didn’t guess that there was a […]

That One Time, At Muay Thai Camp


Why yes, I have been home from Asia for two months and am just now getting around to posting about fight camp in Thailand. For much of my time in Myanmar, I had this notion that I’d fly back to Bangkok once my visa expired and kill my last two weeks in Asia running around […]

The Start of Something New, Part II

I’ve been home for about six weeks now, and it feels like Asia is just a blip in my distant past. Honestly, I’m really glad to be back. It’s been nice to have access to things that I missed; to sleep in a quiet, dark, air-conditioned room in a comfortable bed; to hang out with […]

Foodventures: The Pai Fruit Shake Smackdown

When I arrived in Pai, all I wanted was Western food. A month of noodles and rice and curry and oil in Myanmar left me craving a giant vegetable baguette and yogurt/muesli and the ubiquitous fruit shake. Good news: there are a billion restaurants in Pai. More good news: there’s delicious (and healthy) Western food […]

Note to Self: Homeward Bound

Dear Emily: Well, this is it. January 1 and the start of your journey seem so long ago, but suddenly you’re on a flight back across the Pacific wondering where the hell the last three months went. Going home is bittersweet. You’re excited to see family and friends, to ride your bike, to cook and eat healthy and familiar foods, to sleep in […]