Note to Self: Halfway There

Dear Emily: It’s been 6.5 weeks, and you’re halfway there! It seems like you’ve been gone for years, and though you have the same amount of time remaining as has already passed, suddenly it feels like you’re going home tomorrow. Your first week on the road was a crash course in backpacking and in making it […]

Day 32: The Siem Reap–Battambang Slow Boat


Along with the night train and the rundown bus, the slow boat is one of the true pleasures of travel in Southeast Asia. A trip down the Mekong in Laos or Vietnam figures into many travelers’ plans, but since I won’t make it to Vietnam and might not have time to spend sailing lazily downriver […]

On Travel Days and Thai Transportation


Before I arrived in Asia, I had a hard time conceptualizing how complex it would be to get from place to place. In all of my excitement about cities and sightseeing, I totally forgot about the whole planes, trains, and automobiles thing. I sort of assumed it’d just happen and I’d find myself in my […]

#MeetPlanGo 2012


In the process of deciding to travel and laying the groundwork to make it happen, I have discovered that I am far from alone. In addition to talking to some incredibly kind and helpful bloggers, I recently had the opportunity to take a day trip to NYC for the 2012 edition of Meet Plan Go, […]