I keep a collection of inspirational quotes for the moments when doubt or frustration creep in. This one landed in my work inbox this afternoon, and it’s the perfect sentiment with which to end the week. I hope you will have a wonderful [life], that you’ll dream dangerously and outrageously, that you’ll make something that […]

On (Not) Sitting Still


I’m feeling especially wanderlusty this week. Here are a few things that are fueling that fire. I think it’s time to get cracking on my next big adventure. Happy Thursday!

The Start of Something New, Part II

I’ve been home for about six weeks now, and it feels like Asia is just a blip in my distant past. Honestly, I’m really glad to be back. It’s been nice to have access to things that I missed; to sleep in a quiet, dark, air-conditioned room in a comfortable bed; to hang out with […]

Note to Self: It’s OK

Dear Emily: For almost 2.5 months of zig-zagging around Asia, you’ve held it together through many really¬†awesome highs and a few¬†unfortunate but worth-the-experience lows, all of which you’ve shrugged off and laughed about in a way that you never could have in your past life. It’s been quite a journey, and you know for sure […]

Dispatches from BurMyanmar*


My internet access has been less than regular so far in Myanmar, but lack of connectivity has in no way been a hindrance to ongoing adventures. It’s not far off to say that Myanmar is the country I planned most of my trip around. I knew it would be a challenge, an adventure, an expense, […]

On Learning The Art of {Solo} Slow Travel

One of the biggest uncertainties of this trip was how I would handle being alone for three months. I’ve traveled solo before but only for a week at a time, and I didn’t know if I could go so long without the comfort of having family and friends around. Good news, though. The “you’re only […]

A Little Inspiration


It’s a cold November day, and I’m dreaming about sitting on a beach in Thailand rather than at my desk in Washington, and these are some of the things I love about my plans.