The Start of Something New, Part II

I’ve been home for about six weeks now, and it feels like Asia is just a blip in my distant past. Honestly, I’m really glad to be back. It’s been nice to have access to things that I missed; to sleep in a quiet, dark, air-conditioned room in a comfortable bed; to hang out with […]

A Nervous State of Affairs

In two weeks, I will be asleep in a hostel in Singapore. After two or so years of “what do I do next,” one year of saving for that next thing, and 3.5 months of planning for this specific trip, I cannot believe that this is actually a reality. I’m excited, but the nerves are […]

And It Gets Tough


No one warned me about this. No one said that there would be this time, this gap between the purchasing of the ticket and the day of departure, when things feel really hard. There’s plenty of information out there — on blogs, in guidebooks, all over Twitter — about challenges travelers face while on the […]

Shit’s Gettin’ Real: Five Weeks Notice

Nuance Communications, Inc.

I quit my job today. Rather, I told my boss that in five weeks, I’ll be picking up my life and moving on. It was a hard conversation to have, and I unexpectedly felt a profound sense of sadness when I walked out. Because now this is real. As long as I was holding on […]

Big Questions

One of the biggest questions I have had to answer for myself is: How do I know I’m ready for this? Related question: Am I scared? I’ll tackle the second one first: yes and no. Obviously, a key purpose of this adventure is to overcome my fears, both the ones I can identify and the […]

The Start of Something New


On January 1, 2013, I’m off to see the world. It all started with my Labor Day trip to San Diego. I was expecting to fall madly, passionately in love with the city. I wanted to be convinced to pack up my bikes and my clothes and my kitchen gadgets and move right then and […]