The November Checklist

In November, there was a lot of standing in the middle of the room, looking around at the mess, asking “Now what?” and then abandoning it in favor of having drinks with friends or sleeping or doing any number of less productive activities. Here’s what I did manage to accomplish: – Purchased travel insurance (and […]

Under Construction

I’m playing around with the look and layout for Here&Afar. Thank you for bearing with me.  

A Little Inspiration


It’s a cold November day, and I’m dreaming about sitting on a beach in Thailand rather than at my desk in Washington, and these are some of the things I love about my plans.

And It Gets Tough


No one warned me about this. No one said that there would be this time, this gap between the purchasing of the ticket and the day of departure, when things feel really hard. There’s plenty of information out there — on blogs, in guidebooks, all over Twitter — about challenges travelers face while on the […]