The October Checklist

What happened to October? How is it possible that in just two short months, I’ll be on a plane to China? September was a jam-packed month for planning — in part because I was WAY excited about every little detail, and in part because I had to make some headway on some of the more […]

Shit’s Gettin’ Real: Five Weeks Notice

Nuance Communications, Inc.

I quit my job today. Rather, I told my boss that in five weeks, I’ll be picking up my life and moving on. It was a hard conversation to have, and I unexpectedly felt a profound sense of sadness when I walked out. Because now this is real. As long as I was holding on […]

#MeetPlanGo 2012


In the process of deciding to travel and laying the groundwork to make it happen, I have discovered that I am far from alone. In addition to talking to some incredibly kind and helpful bloggers, I recently had the opportunity to take a day trip to NYC for the 2012 edition of Meet Plan Go, […]

Here at Home: Washington, D.C.


I have called the District my home for the 3.5 or so years since I graduated from college, and I can say wholeheartedly that I have loved living here. Just like everyone else, I get cranky about the weather “extremes” (the swampy summers and the windy, dull winters) and the traffic, but those are just […]